vrijdag 10 januari 2014


Hi ladies! Today I will post a blog about crop tops. You see them a lot nowadays in a lot of different types. I have seen long sleeve crop tops, short sleeve crop tops, crop tops with a coll, tight crop tops loose crop tops and so on! There are crop tops in very different colors, prints and materials. This makes it really fun to combine them with other clothes.
So what I would do is wear a crop top with high waist or with a high waist skirt. In summer for example, you can show your belly a bit. So then I could wear them with cool shorts or something.

To show you a couple of nice crop tops, I have made a selection of crop tops which I thought are very nice, cute and different from each other.

These are like one I have myself. They're very simple but with a nice or funny text on it. You can combine these one with almost everything, because they're simple without too many colors and prints and stuff.

You also have them with long sleeves and a bit tighter. The cropped sweater you see in the picture I have one of those myself. It's from Zara and dark grey. You could make an outfit a little more fun to add a necklace or earrings to it. That's exactly what I do when I wear my cropped sweater. You also see a cropped clouse and a tighter crop top. The blouse you could wear with printed pants or something. The tighter crop top is sort of different because of the color and the print.

Here are like three other examples of crop tops. The first one I really like to wear in the summer. Think it is such a cute and delicate top. The one with the glitters you could wear to a party! Otherwise it may be a bit over the top haha.

So these were a couple of crop tops which I thought were nice and nice to combine with other clothes and juwelery.

What do you think of cropped tops? Do you have a favorite one?

vrijdag 27 december 2013

I have a boyfriend, oh wait no, no that's a fridge, I have a fridge..

Hi! The Christmas days are over, but I'm still hungry, as usual.. I adore and love food and I'm almost Always hungry. So I decided to share some of my favorite meals with you :).

So, a top 5 of good food!

1. First, I'm in love with pasta. Maybe it's because I really have a weakness for Italy. What I like about pasta is that you can make so many different types of dishes with it. You can make it with pesto, tomatoes, fish, meat and so on! What I also like is that you there are a lot of sorts of it. There are fusilli, tagliatella, ravioli and many more. You can wake me up for a good pasta, so that's why it's my number one!

2. All of a sudden it became very very popular and now you can eat it almost in every chinese restaurant on every corner of the street. I'm talking about sushi. I really like the fresh fish and the odd taste of the lovely wasabi. Can't get enough of it! Tomorrow I'm going to eat sushi with some friends for my best friend his birthday. Can't wait! Also because I have a nice present for him :).
3. What about meat? Yeah, I am no vegetarian at all! Can't eat enough meat and most of the time my grandma awares my family that we eat to much meat.. The meat I like is steak/sirloin with vegetables and mash potatoes with rucola. Simple, but really nice. The most beautiful sirloin I have ever eaten is the one I ate in a very nice and chique restaurant in Dusseldorf. Cooked perfectly, it melted on my tongue..

4. Ariba ariba! Mexican fajita's or tortilla's I really like! It's quick to prepare them and you can decide what to put on it yourself. The only thing is that there is a MUST with this dish, as far as I consider. There MUST be quacamole on the table! For sure :).

5. My number 5 isn't a meal or dish but a snack. I am addicted to salted popcorn and Japanese snacks. I also eat it with tea and stuff haha! The funny thing is, I'm watching a movie with popcorn right now..

Did you girls have had a nice Christmas? And do you have a favorite meal? Let me know!

maandag 2 december 2013

Dress to Impress

Hi girls! Het is weer december! De drukke maand vol feestjes, etentjes en gezelligheid. Super leuk, maar hier hoort natuurlijk wel weer een stunning outfit bij. Tijd om op zoek te gaan naar het perfecte jurkje wat je kan dragen tijdens het kerstdiner of bijvoorbeeld tijdens een knallend oud en nieuw.

Vaak is het best lastig om een jurkje te vinden dat leuk is, goed zit, betaalbaar is en ook nog eens een beetje origineel is. Er zijn een aantal merken, winkels en webwinkels waar je veel keuze hebt uit leuke en verschillende jurkjes. Ook Fashionblend heeft een aantal leuke jurkjes en rokjes voor de feestdagen, gedecoreerd met pailletjes, super leuk en opvallend!

Om een paar designs en ideeën te geven van leuke party dresses, heb ik een keuze gemaakt uit verschillende jurkjes die ik zelf erg leuk vind en die ook op dit moment verkrijgbaar zijn.

Wat vinden jullie van de jurkjes van http://www.fashionblend.nl/? En hebben jullie zelf de perfecte party dress al kunnen vinden?

zondag 24 november 2013

Faux fur coats: Cozy, warm and fashionable

Je ziet ze overal in verschillende lengtes, kleuren, patronen en met of zonder mouwen. Ze zijn  lekker om te dragen in de herfst en op wat minder koude en regenachtige winterdagen. Het fijne aan deze jasjes is dat je ze op heel veel verschillende manieren kunt combineren.

Om een wat chiquere look te creëren is een wat kortere faux fur coat mooi op een (wat strakkere) jurk met sexy hakken. Wanneer je voor een wat stoerdere look wilt gaan,  staat een faux fur coat super leuk op een leather look jeans met biker boots of stoere hakken. Ook kan je de faux fur coats zonder mouwen over een leren jack dragen. Zo hoef je toch geen dik gevoerd winterjack aan, heb je het toch iets warmer dan met alleen een leren jackje en het ziet er ook nog eens super leuk uit.

Een faux fur item trekt veel aandacht. Daarom is het belangrijk wanneer je faux fur draagt, dat je het combineert met andere texturen en materialen, anders wordt de outfit een beetje te druk en too much. Hieronder zijn een aantal voorbeelden van faux fur looks.


Hebben jullie zelf faux fur items? Wat vinden jullie van faux fur?

vrijdag 8 november 2013

Fall Musthaves

Hi! As you all know it's fall now. It's getting colder, the beautiful orange leaves come off the trees, time to sum up some fall musthaves!
Actually I'm more of a summer person, but I think fall is also oke, IF, it isn't too stormy.. For this post I have chosen a couple things which I think you can't miss during fall.

1. Furry coat. I'm searching for the perfect furry coat for a while now, but I haven't find it yet!
2. Yankee Candle. I really love scented candles, especially during fall and winter. Now I have a nice one from Ikea, but I have heard the Yankee Candles are amazing. These are not very popular here in Holland so I hope I can order one as a Christmas present of something via the internat.
3. Lovely and fluffy, you won't have cold feet with these ones on your feet!
4. Scarf from Bloved. I have this scarf myself and I think the colors are very nice.
5. Pickwick cinnamon tea. The taste is really a taste for cold weather, also like winter glow and autumn storm (also tastes of Pickwick tea). The Indian Chai of Lipton is also in my top 5!
6. Nice and warm sweater. This one is from H&M, but there are many other nice knits to wear when it's cold outside.
7. Hunter wellies. Some of them are ugly but there are also ones that are really cute, tough and awesome. Like this ones with a snake print on it. When it's rainy outside, you just put your Hunter wellies on and walk trough the puddles.
8. I Love... Body and hand lotion. I have wrote a review of this two week ago I think, if you're interesting, you can read it ;)! Especially when the weather gets colder, I want to take care of my skin. To prevent and care for a dry skin, I use the lotions of I Love.. My skin will become very smooth then.
9. Umbrella. You really need one of this in Holland... Unfortunately!
10. Blond Amsterdam mug. This is a mug from Blond Amsterdam, which is a very nice brand with all sorts of mugs, plates, cutlery and much more.
11. Timberlands. I have these boots myself, and I'm very happy with them. They are nice when it's rainy or cold and they can make my outfits really cool.
12. Poncho of Bloved. I really like poncho's or big scarves and thought this was a cute one by the brand Bloved.


Do you have any fall musthaves? What do you think of my musthaves? What is your favorate season?

woensdag 6 november 2013

“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting"

The man who quoted this is Christian Dior. I think he is right because the type of parfume a woman's wearing can be very different from another woman's parfume. Some women wear very heavy parfume but some of them wear sweet or fresh parfume. Luckily there are many many many types of parfume and all from different brands. Expensive, less expensive, in a cute beautiful bottle or just in a simple one, there is always a parfume which will fit you, you only have to find it.

I thought it would be nice to make a top 3 of the parfumes which I like the most. I am very critical as regards parfume. I think a parfume is soon too sweet or too heavy, so I don;t like a parfume easily. But I have made a top 3 with parfumes I have had myself, which I also very like.
1. La vies est belle (also the name of my blog haha). This is my latest parfume. It is a little bit of a sweet scent but not too sweet. I think this parfume is suitable for the winter, because there is a sort of warm scent in it, but also for the summer, because it's also a little bit fresh. The bottle it also very cute and beautiful. On this moment, la vie est belle is my favorite.

2. Emporio Armani. This one reminds me of a (little bit weird..) parfume for men. It isn't very sweet, almost not at all and it is really fresh. It's also not a very strong parfume, so this is my favorite in the summer. The bottle is very simple, but it reflects a bit how the parfume smells. Not over the top.

3. Ed Hardy. This parfume I have had from a friend of my mom. First I thought, when I looked at the bottle and stuff, that it would be a very very sweet heavy parfume which I won't like. Instead, this one is also very fresh and it is a little bit sweet. I think it's not a real parfume but more like an eau de toilette. The bottle is very busy with a lot of colours and stuff. That is tipical the Ed Hardy style.


What are you favorite parfumes? Did you like my top 3? Which parfume would you recommend to me?

maandag 4 november 2013

Kim Kardashian, you're looks are flawless

Kim Kardashian is a real fashion woman with a stunning clothing style. She Always looks well dressed. Sometimes her looks are really cute and other times they are funky and cool. I really like her looks because my clothing style is also sometimes a little weird and cool and other times my style is more elegant or cute. On my TUMBLR page I post pics of her sometimes, of her great looks or funny pics of her and her family. I get a lot of insparation of this woman and I wish I have had her closet haha. In the picture above I picked out some looks which are cool, sexy, decent and elegant.

This week I will post an OOTD, it's shitty weather here in The Netherlands, so I hope it won't rain..


Do you have a fashion idol? And what do you think of the looks of Kim Kardashian?